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Zone 3 League Competitions

League Competitions

Ever wanted to play Laser Tag at a Competitive level?

Junior League

Ages 10 to 15

The Zone 3 Canberra Junior League is designed for those people who want to play Laser Tag at a more competitive level than the casual player.

Designed for players that are not ready or old enough to join the Senior Leagues

Zone 3 Canberra Junior League starts on the second Monday of the ACT school terms 1, 2, and 3.

Term 1

Starts Monday – 7th January 2022

Term 2

Starts Monday – 2nd May 2022

Term 3

Starts Monday – 25th July 2022

Term 4

We currently do not run a Junior League in term 4.

If you turn 16 during a term you can still play in that term

We have Senior League members available onsite to assist and referee Junior mixed leagues.

You can do a League session and receive a membership for $25.00
(Normal Membership is $20.00)

Senior League

Ages 16 and over

The Zone 3 Canberra Senior League is played over two seasons each year with one to two additional seasons in National competition format for upcoming Australian National and World Competitions.

Social League Seasons

We play one or two seasons of a social/fun league – where the game can be in almost any format agreed by the players at the start of the season.

For example;

  • Teams
  • Doubles
  • Triples

Nationals Format Seasons

We play also one to two seasons in teams format in lead up to ”Nationals”.

These seasons may also contain bonus games post-Monday sessions for training and also bonus Sunday evening Training sessions closer to any National events.

You do not have to go to National events to play in the Nationals Format Seasons. Players will be grouped into teams attending and not attending during these seasons.

(Unless by invitation only, National training sessions are closed to the public and non-league players)


Non Member (Try out)
$25.00 for the session

$17.00 each session

You can do a league session and receive a membership for $30.00
(Normal Membership is $20.00)

All Senior League players are entitled to try out for the National Canberra Team competing in the Zone Laser Tag Australasian Championships

Zone3 Group in Kit Up Room


All our Team Format Social and National Comp Training Seasons currently operate under the Australian National Laser Tag Championship Rules in preparation for any member to be able to attend the Zone Laser Tag Australasian Championships

We do advise players that we do not run the same finals format – but instead, we run a basic ascension method of, the last 3 teams play and the losing team is cut.

The winning team of the season is automatically in the finals with all other teams needing to play the basic ascension.

For all games including Finals – Points are awarded 3 for a win – 2 for second and 1 for last place.

In the event of any ties – the teams’ total score will be the decider.
If there is still a draw it will be the position the team finished at the end of the season.


New players are advised that joining the league – especially during the Nationals Training seasons – can be somewhat disheartening, as during these seasons players are playing at their top level ready for Nationals – so it is a little more “competitive” than usual.

For that reason, we suggest that when you do play in a season it might be better to mix in with senior players that are not attending the Nationals. This will give you some direction and let you learn the best way to play at this level.


Winning teams of any season are expected to break up for the next season and share their experience.

Teams consisting of new players, that insist on playing as a team and not mixing may do so but are advised that this is not the “best” experience and should really consider mixing.

All players should make themselves aware of the current rules and are expected to adhere to them prior to actually playing.

Events attended by Canberra players

See full description including rankings here

1999 – Australian Championships – Boxhill – Victoria
2000 – Australian Championships — Boxhill – Victoria
2001 – Australian Championships – Sunshine Coast – Queensland
2002 – Alhambra Los Angeles USA Nationals
2002 –  Australian Championships – Canberra ACT – First Place.
2003 – Australian Championships – Hobart
2004 – Australian Championships – Northbridge
2005 – Australian Championships – Rockhampton
2006 – Australian Championships – Campbelltown
2007 – Australian Championships – Bendigo
2008 – New Zealand Invitational – Auckland
2008 – Australian Championships – Willetton
2009 – Australian Championships – Sunshine Coast
2009 World Championships – Tampere – Finland
2010 – New Zealand Invitational – Auckland
2010 – Australian Championships – Darwin 
2011 – Australian Championships – Werribee – Victoria.
2011 World Championships – Syracuse – USA
2012 Australian Championships – Launceston Tasmania  – Second Place.
2013 – Australian Championships – Canberra ACT

2014 – New Zealand – First Australasian Championships – Auckland
2014 – World Championships – Sunshine Coast – Australia
2015 – Australasian Championships – Bendigo – New South Wales
2016 – Australasian Championships – Lawnton – Queensland
2017 – Australasian Championship – Adelaide
2017 – World Championships – Belfort – France
2018 Australasian Championship – Albury  – NSW
2019 Australasian Championship – Queensland.
2020 Australasian Championship – Northern Territory.
2021 – Moved to 2022 due to Covid 19
2022 – Bendigo – Victoria
2023 – Hobart.- Tasmania