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In this day and age of fast everything and a busy lifestyle, we get many bookings from many areas.

Some people travel a long way to play Laser Tag

If you have booked a place/time we take that away from anyone else that may wish to book at that same time.   

This means someone else cannot book in when you have the hold on it.

We have a booking deposit requirement, it’s an agreement that you have booked for a particular spot and you will be there when you say you will and we will be here as well, ready to go. You have a hold on that space.

If you change your mind, then someone has missed out, no not us, someone else that may have tried to book in at the same time and been turned away.

We set out a period of 7 days advance notice, so if say 8 days out you need to change your booking call us and we can put it on hold for 6 months or swap it over to another date if you already know when that is.  

If you call us, say 4 days out, especially if it’s for a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday booking, chances are you will lose your deposit.

This is not always the case however, you need to remember this when you book.