1. What is Laser Tag ?

FUN – FUN and FUN !  . . .  Also  – Laser Tag is a high-tech sport where players wearing computerised vests or packs and hand-held “phasers”
attempt to achieve a winning score by zapping opponent players & base stations within a playing arena or maze.


 2. How do you play Zone 3 Laser Tag ?

After players put on their game packs, the game is started by the central computer and the players move into the arena.
After about 20 seconds, the packs will activate allowing the player to fire their phaser at opponent packs and arena devices such as base stations.
Each pack has sensors on the phaser, the shoulders, the back and the front of the pack.
Zapping these areas will award points to the attacking player while deactivating the hit player for a short time.
After the game time has expired, the packs shut-down automatically and the players return to the kit-up room.
Score information is downloaded from the packs to the central computer where the scores are calculated and individual player scorecards are printed.


3. How long does it take to play a game ?

Each game consists of 15 minutes of actual arena time.
We allow a 5 minute change-over time so games are run every 20 minutes. Before your first game, there will also be a 10 – 15 minute briefing where Zone 3 staff will explain the operation of the packs and arena devices as well as inform players of the safety rules.
When you play more than one game, you will have a one game rest between your games.
When planning your visit to Zone 3, please allow yourself a minimum of 40 minutes for a 1 game visit, 1 hour 30 minutes for a two game visit, and 2 hours for a three game adventure. (Where 3 game time slots are available.)


4. How many people can play in a game of Zone 3 Laser Tag ?

At Zone 3 Canberra, we can accommodate up to 30 players in each game. However, we prefer to limit this to 24 on weekends and up to 27 on weekdays – as this allows us spare packs in case of mechanical failure. (Where possible we will allow more – packs permitting.) 
The minimum number of players is two. For some this is great but for most people this doesn’t make for a particularly exciting game, so we recommend a minimum game of five plus players.


5. Are there any age restrictions on playing Laser Tag ?

Due to the our insurance guidelines, the weight of the pack – that younger children have difficulty carrying for a full length game and our game guidelines, we have a minimum age of 6 years allowed for players.
Some small people … and even adults are afraid of the dark – even though we have a maze with different lights all through it.
Hey if you are worried – come on in and have look around the staff are always happy to show what it looks like !
There is no maximum age to play the game – even grandparents have been known to enjoy playing Laser Tag!


6. Do you need to be physically fit to play Laser Tag ?

Laser Tag can be played at your own pace. There is no reason to be rushing around the arena (we actively discourage this!), so as long as you are comfortable doing some walking for 15 minutes, which may involve going up some ramps, then you are probably fit enough to play!
Of course, as only you can be a judge of whether you are up to the game, the final responsibility rests with you.
In the interest of pregnant mothers and their babies safety we do not suggest pregnant women to play.
You may, if you are determined to play, sign a waiver.


7. Isn’t Laser Tag played in the dark ?

Laser Tag is played in a “darkened” environment, but it is not pitch black!
The arena is well lit with blacklights which causes the abundant use of fluorescent paints and materials in the arena to glow brightly. In addition, the arena is also lit by coloured spotlights and floodlights, as well as other lighting effects. After a couple of seconds, your eyes will have adjusted to the light level and you will generally be able to see quite well.
Drop in for a look if you are worried about the dark or lighting effects, we can show you around.


8. Are protective glasses required to play ?

No. The lasers used in the game are very low power (a fraction of the power hand-held laser pointers easily available) and are computer controlled to only flash on for a very brief time. It is a natural reflex that the eye will blink when presented with any intense light (for example, a photographic flash) and this reflex adds to the protection of the eyes.
The equipment used has been tested to meet appropriate standards of safety for lasers around the world.


9. What other protective clothing is required ?

We recommend that players were a shirt with sleeves (that is, not a singlet) and we insist on players having enclosed / attached shoes. Thongs, Slip Ons and bare feet are not permitted.
No other padding or special clothing is needed as Laser Tag is a non-contact sport.


10. I have played Paintball – does Laser Tag also hurt when you are hit by another player ?

Absolutely not! You know if you have been hit when your pack shuts down. Your pack lets you know this has happened in two ways using your senses: sound & sight. Firstly, the pack will play a sound that indicates you have been zapped. Secondly, the pack will flash bright orange and the Laser Lights will go out. (Don’t worry – 8 Seconds Later it all comes back on !)


11. Can we play Laser Tag as a team ?

Yes. Zone 3 Laser Tag may be played as either an individual (solo) game or as a team game. We are unusual as a team sport because we have a three team format: we have red, blue, and yellow teams competing at the same time within the arena. This gives players some interesting new ways to think about tactics and teamwork while providing for more “varied opponents” for each player. 
We can support teams of up to 10 players each.
Because of the additional complexity of Competition games, we don’t recommend them for brand new Zone 3 players.


12. Do you have a range of different game formats ?

Yes, we have a number of different games that we can play. However, these games can become quite complex so they are generally reserved for Members’ Nights and for specific purposes such as organised team building/ bonding exercises.


13. I heard you play League – What’s that about ?

Yes we do have a League. Its much the same as any other Sporting League you can play.
It’s an organised event held on Monday nights, open to our members. If you are Under 16 you will need your parents permission.
At the moment League can be played between local teams or as a friendly interstate match or if you really want to get into it at the Australian Zone 3 National Titles.
(We have even had a team in the US National Titles as well.
World Titles have been held in Finland, USA ,
Australia and France as well..)


14. Do you have private lock ins / functions ?

Yes we do. We have done lots of large business functions, interstate schools and team bonding sessions over the years, as well as 18th, 21st and even 40th – Birthday parties as well. Checkout the corporate section.  Bucks and Hens parties have been held here as well !


15. Can we see some action or pictures ?

Yep – no problems, just check out the PHOTOS section.


16. Can we pay with a credit card ?

Yes you can – payment may be made by Cash,
Eftpos, Visa / Master Card
Sorry no cash out facilities available and 
we don’t take Amex or Diners cards – the buggers charge way too much.


17. Can we hire a party room if we aren’t having a party ?

Yep – no worries.
Depending on availability – room hire is $80.00 / Hour.
(Call and ask, will see what we can do!)


18. Does Laser Tag actually use Lasers ?

Great Question – Yes we do!
Unlike the outdoor games that call themselves Laser Tag and have NO Lasers At All, we actually do use Lasers.
The lasers used in the game are very low power (a fraction of the power hand-held laser pointers that are easily available) and are computer controlled to only flash on for a very brief time. It is a natural reflex that the eye will blink when presented with any intense light (for example, a photographic flash) and this reflex adds to the protection of the eyes.  The equipment used has been tested to meet and exceed appropriate standards of safety around the world.


19. I heard I have to pay a non refundable booking deposit, whats the go?

Yes you, in this day and age of fast everything and a busy lifestyle we get many bookings from many areas.
If you call and book we take that slot away from anyone else that may wish to book. 
This means someone else cannot book in when you have the hold on it.

That’s what your deposit is for, it’s an agreement that you will be there when you say you will and we will be here as well, ready to go. You have a hold on that space.
 If you change your mind, then someone has missed out, no not us, someone else that may have tried to book in at the same time and been turned away.
We set out a period at a 7 days advance notice, so if say 8 days out you need to change your booking call us and we can put it on hold for 6 months or swap it over to another date if you already know when that is.
If you call us say 4 days out, especially if it’s for a Fri – Sun booking, chances are you will lose your deposit.
This is not always the case, however you need to remember this when you book.


20. Can we play by ourselves?

We try to give everyone an opportunity to book a private session, as in play by yourselves where possible.
Birthday Bookings as booked 6-17 yrs inc. are always reserved for the booking group.  Open sessions booked on a Sat / Sun at 3pm are for mixing people into.
This allows for people to come in and have a mixed social session.
These can be booked out – so bookings are always a must.
The same goes for when you only book a few people in, they can be open sessions.
To make it a private session without others you must ask the staff for a Private session, these do have specific conditions and you can discuss that when you book.


21. Can I wear the vest and let my 5 year old play ?

Sorry guys, no can do.
You must be aged 6 and up to play.


22. Do you have tokens for the Arcade machines?

All the arcade games take $1.00 coins

Some require $2.00 to start and $1.00 to continue.
You will need to have the coins or cash to exchange 
for $1.00 coins as we cannot do cash out.


23. How long have you been here ? 

We opened in 1996 and have been a part of the Canberra community ever since.
So let me see  …. this question was in June 2015 … that means in March 2016 we will be 20 years old !!!

Thanks to everyone that has emailed or come in with questions we will continue to update and list them here.