Privacy & photography.


Zone 3 Canberra has an extensive database of members and as such we need to consider the privacy of the information contained within this database.

To this end staff are required NOT to give out ANY information ie: Phone Numbers – addresses – ages – booking times etc … from the database or booking sheets to ANYONE.
If a caller or person wants to contact someone from within our database or booking sheets – staff may ask the caller or person for their telephone number and then ring the person/s concerned and pass on the number of the person wanting to contact them.
It then becomes their decision to call the original caller.

If you think your personal information has been taken from the Zone 3 database and used without your permission, please contact the Zone 3 Canberra management as soon as possible.

Photography / Video

The Zone 3 Canberra Web Site contains information and materials, including but not limited to, text, software, photos, video, graphics and audio, (collectively “Materials”) which are derived by Video – Digital Camera Security Cameras and Webcams.

You should be aware that when you attend Zone-3 Canberra, digital images including stills and video may be taken of you while you are on the premises. These images are sometimes used in our advertising material and on our website to promote Zone 3 as a venue.

If at anytime you see your image or video containing your image and do not wish for it to be used – you may immediately contact Zone 3 in writing and request that it not be used.
We will then remove your image from any future advertising and the Zone 3 website.

Zone 3 Canberra respects the privacy of visitors to our business and our web site.

Please check this page periodically for changes.