CV19 Statement

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
Updated 23/05/2021

G’day to one and all.
It’s so great to be open, smiles are coming in everywhere.

Please, please, please keep doing the right things guys.

We will be doing the same thing with you and your bookings and there will be lots of sanitising!

Please ask when you book what the current Maximum is for players / Groups.

As we have moved to 1 in 2 there is some room for extra players, we still need to be wary and keep our guard up.
So for birthday parties, just check when you book if you are after up to 18 players or more.
Currently we have a limit of 100 People in the Zone at any one time.
Which means w
e would ask parents dropping off, please try to limit it to one parent.
This way we can keep our “Whole” numbers on site to a minimum.

If you have vulnerable people,  Grandparents, those with respiratory issues and other vulnerable people are asked not to attend.
Its just not worth the risk, Family first.
We realise this is one of the hardest requests we have ever had to make.

We must ask all our customers to remain within the time frames we give you, for arrival and leaving.

This will assist in the thorough cleaning of each room between groups.

All 4 rooms will be used in alternate times and alternate to each other.
Each party will be assigned a set of  Laser Packs to be played in and they will be the only players in them for both games. 
These packs will be on opposite sides of the kit up room and will be thoroughly cleaned between groups.

Private family / closed functions / schools etc are an exception.

… and of course don’t forget the hand sanitising!

We REALLY look forward to seeing you all soon.


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Staying Safe
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