CV19 Statement

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
Update 02/06/2020

G’day to one and all.
Waaaaay, back in March we were told to close, there were many tears, mostly ours.
But here we are in June and after an email or two, to confirm, we look like opening on the 19th of June in Phase 2, smiles are coming in everywhere.

Please, please, please keep doing the right things guys.
Canberra is leading the way and staying safe.
We will be doing the same thing with you and your bookings and there will be lots of hand sanitising!

First off – we will be back on deck answering the phones as of Monday the 8th of June 2020. 
We have many people to call, especially those that had bookings during the last few months. 
These families will be called in order and offered the first available bookings.
If this is you, please look forward to a call offering you a choice of times and dates, we will do our very best to get you booked into the day and time that suits you.

New bookings we will do the best we can, playing catch up for a while…email and we can work on these as well.

The rooms will be separated and customers will be asked to limit the number of playing people to 15 per group, call if you have a private / corporate group and we can discuss a sessions to suit.
So for birthday parties, 15 kids and a max of 2 adults for all parties.
Parents dropping off should be limited to one, the normal sitting around watching and chatting is being limited and please no vulnerable people to attend Zone 3.
Just like everywhere, Grandparents, those with respiratory issues and other vulnerable people are asked not to attend.
We realise this is one of the hardest requests we have ever had to make.

There will now be an unheard word used in Zone 3, prompt!
Yes, we, like those that have been with us over the last 24 years, already know, this is not a word used a lot at Zone, we like our customers and we are happy to have them with us.
However we must ask all our customers to remain within the time frames we give you.
this will assist in the thorough cleaning of each room between groups.

All 4 rooms will be used in alternate times and alternate to each other.
Each party will be assigned a set of  Laser Packs to be played in and they will be the only players in them for both games.  These packs will be on opposite sides of the kitup room and will be thoroughly cleaned between groups.

The video games are now  ONE PLAYER ONLY at a time.
As such we have moved them to allow the required spacing between people.
This is a weird look, but it works.

So we will be doing a few less parties per day, having game spaces to allow  the cleaning of everything.   Please be patient with us as we get to everyone.

On a new note, remember that hail storm earlier in the year?
One good thing came out of that … our new front, come and have a look.
On top of that, we have all new updated vests and a totally new operating system to show off.  All the things we meant “To get around to” are done!

… and of course don’t forget the hand sanitising!

We REALLY look forward to seeing you all soon.


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Canberra’s Laser tag since 1996

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