Worlds 2017

World Laser Tag Championships 2017

2017 will see the 4th World Laser Tag Championships.

WHERE ?  ….. FRANCE  !

When ? …. August 2017
(Exact dates soon.)

\What ?  There are World Titles for Laser Tag ?

Yes …

The Laser Tag World Titles is a blend of the various play styles of the American, Scandinavian and Australian game styles.
The best of the best come together every 2 to 3 years to battle it out for International Laser Tag Supremacy.
2009 Finland hosted the World Championships – 2011 the USA were the World Hosts and in 2014 teams from Australia, New Zealand, Finland and the United States competed in Queensland Australia.

In 2014 it was clearly the US Legends that dominated the results, sweeping 1st place in all events, and demonstrating their experience and skill playing at this level.
The final of the premier event, the ‘5 Man’ Teams, was played out by the US Legends, QLD Maroons (Australia) and Finland in a classic International battle.

The Final results . . .

USA first – Australia Second and Finland Third.

Where Next – That’s the big question.

The Worlds Council have released Host Site nomination forms and applications.
(See The bottom of the page)

Could your site be the next host for The next World Laser Tag Championships?


If you have a team that would like to enter, please download the latest rule set here:
Current Rules

These rules are current and there should only be minor changes following the last Titles.
For example : We now have 5 player Teams with TWO Subs allowed.
Previously we allowed only ONE Sub.

There are  Other Events held at “Worlds”
Below we have the results of the events at Worlds  2014

Solos – Just as it sounds everyone for themselves>
A great game for the energetic


Team Elimination – A limited Life game that has players on the edge.

Team Elim


LORD of The Rings.

3 players battle it out in the open for all to see!
One on One on One



If you want more information please contact:



Poster 1 Full Size 15mb
Poster 2 Full Size 15mb

An event like no other.
An Event that can draw players in from all over the World,

. . . focussed on being the the best of the best,
… focussed on one Laser Tag Site !

Good luck to one and ALL.